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eLINK Finance is your finance coach in helping you to achieve your financial goals… and sooner.

  • Is your borrowing capacity maxed out? Discover how to keep moving forward, even with the stricter rules for loan lending.
  • Are you Over 50 or 60? We will show you the best way to access finance, so you can continue to borrow responsibly in the limited time remaining before retirement.
  • Have you purchased one, two or three properties, but finding it difficult to get finance? We will show you exactly what to do, including how to cover yourself against any uncertainties in the market.
  • Have you got a few properties and plenty of equity, but finding it tough to borrow any more money? Lets get you unstuck, and continue to move forward.
  • Are you wanting that holiday but can't afford it? We will show you how so you can book your flights now.
  • Are you needing cash to renovate or perhaps you are wanting to upgrade your car? We can help with that too.

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Some of Our Brokers

David Wegener


Founder & Sales Director
As an award-winning Mortgage Broker with 20 years’ experience in the finance industry, I’ve seen it all. I’ve gone through constant industry changes and yet I still successfully help my customers borrow the money they need to get ahead. As your Finance Coach, my goal is to help you understand your financial potential so that you can borrow with confidence.
Karen Van Maanen


I am a passionate about property and as an award winning Property Investor, I can talk property all day, every day. As a Mortgage Broker with a portfolio of 12 properties, I am leveraging my years of investing experience and Property Mentoring to help my clients, family and friends to build their property portfolios. I find it very fulfilling to help my clients explore and achieve what is possible for them; both in finance and help them expand their property portfolios. My other passion in life is renovating and with my partner who is a retired carpenter, we are working on a major renovation on his house and most weekends you will find me either in the garden, on the end of a paintbrush or maybe just giving him a helping hand in paint stained jeans, no make-up and loving life.